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Biggest reason for my 5 star rating: THIS PLACE LITERALLY HAS THE MOST DELICIOUS LOBSTER TACOS I HAVE EVER HAD. EVER. OH MY GOD. The Fat Fish around the corner comes in a close 2nd but the PB Shore Club ones are 100% MELT-IN-YOUR-MOUTH GOODNESS *salivates* :Q… Also the servers are so helpful and friendly and mine (can’t remember her name but she was a cute blonde beachy type chica) gave me a crazy recommendation: oyster shooter with hot sauce and booze and insanity! And I totally did it and it was somehow kinda good and I thought it’d be disgusting. It was an experience definitely 😉 Also there was some chill ass music, some guy playing acoustic guitar… he played some Red Hot Chili Peppers and my friend and I almost died because we were in total bliss… watching the sunset over the ocean, getting fresh air, oh man that place was absolutely perfect in every way that evening. God I love PB so much!!!
Lizzie B from Los Altos, CA

I love PB Shore Club for many reasons. I have been here to just drink beer, come here to just eat and stopped to just enjoy the view it allows.PB Shore Club can be very loud and packed depending on the time that you get there, but that just speaks to the amount of happy people. They always seem to have a very good deal going on booze all the time. Last time I was there it was on Pacifico and some kind of ice tea mixed drink (which was awesome). On this visit we were there to eat and they did not dissapoint. For apetizers we got the calmari, chips and bacon wrapped shrimp. Evyerthing was great but I strongly recommend the calamari. For my main meal I just got the kids menu chicken strips which is hard to screw up, so I would rather tell you about everyone elses plate I ate off at my table. There was some kind of chillie cheese fries which were bomb! The shrimp tacos blew me away, and the beef tacos were so big and full they could of been folded into a burrito. I love this place and am going to keep coming back. Also props to them for having the FUEL channel on so I could watch my motocross. The price was more then fair for the quality of the food and location.
Darrel H, San Diego

This review is based on their customer service and special charity event promotion. Recently, a friend of mine who was a Marine helicopter pilot and died in Afghanistan while serving his country. We wanted to commemorate this fallen classmate and friend, so we decided to have a fundraiser memorial in his name. I called the owner, Pete, who was extremely receptive and supportive of the idea, and he referred me to the manager, Josh, who I would be working with closely on the day of the event… a gorgeous Saturday afternoon in February, naturally. Josh was so helpful and instrumental in getting us all setup for day-drinking, having a raffle to raise money, and even threw in a bunch of stuff for us to raffle off as prizes, such as t-shirts and gift certificates. He also let us get on the mic to toast our departed buddy, which the entire bar (including our party of 70-ish people) raised our drinks to. All in all we were able to raise close to $4000 due to the hospitality of PB Shore Club and the generosity of the friends, family, and kind strangers who frequent this establishment. Shore Club is known for its support of the military and being a Naval Academy bar, and they took care of us like we were family. Hopefully we won’t ever have to do something like this again, but I know if I died, I would want my memorial party to be like it was at Shore Club one warm, sunny, winter afternoon on the beach. Thanks a ton, guys!
Jack G, San Diego CA


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