ESPN features PB Shore Club as Best NAVY Bar


My favorite sports bar is the Pacific Beach Shore Club (PBSC) in San Diego, CA. It is 2700 miles from Annapolis, MD, but you wouldn’t be able to tell come Saturday when it’s time for the Navy to play!

The alumni in the area, and there are plenty with the 2nd largest Naval Base a few miles south and the 2nd largest Marine Base 30 miles to the North, come out to fully support every week and it’s a packed house. We show up, catch up, and celebrate every single first down with chants and cheers from our Academy days, wear our old uniforms in ridiculous ways, and stay to watch not just that game but also the rest of the games of the day since so many are from out of state there is always someone’s favorite team playing into the night, finishing it off with gorgeous sunsets right on the beach a few feet away!

We start in the morning to watch our east coast game and finish after the last west coast game is over. Sundays are just as great with Charger games on as well as everyone’s hometown favorite pro team too. But nothing compares to Army vs Navy, the biggest spectacle of the year! Forget the upstairs bar, they shut down the whole parking lot and pitch a huge tent, place several TVs and taco stands throughout the lot, and it all starts with a march thru Pacific Beach hours before the game starts. PBSC really knows how to throw a party!

That is only though what you see on the surface. They are such a respectful organization, and in touch with the servicemembers’ community that they have fundraisers for wounded veterans, gift drives for children of Veterans Killed In Action, and fundraising for those who lost their lives. They collect gifts by requesting donations of toys or cash for admission to the Army-Navy game extravaganza, or fundraising for the funeral of fallen warriors like they did for 1st Lt Travis Manion, USMC, and LT Brendan Looney, Navy SEAL. No sports nar in America has the loyalty of it’s patrons and returns the favor like the PB Shore Club. Stop by and check it out for yourself this college football season. GO NAVY, BEAT ARMY!!!