Another Great Yelp Review!


A friend and I had just finished having brunch nearby and decided to cruise PB and find a place to watch the SDSU v New Mexico game. seeing that spring was about to heat up, it was St. Patrick’s day weekend, and not a cloud in the sky, we definitely picked a good place to stop for drinks and the game.

Shore Club’s ambience was definitely on point – the open windows overlook the beach and there was an electric and festive air about this place. the weather was mid 80s, people were everywhere (more than a handful of people dressed in green). music blaring through the speakers, flatscreen TVs everywhere, and the drinks were super cheap. they were even serving a green slushie to celebrate St. Patty’s day.

On a day like that at a locale like Shore Club, it’s impossible to not be in a good mood, enjoying the weather and the alcohol, making new friends, starting fun conversations, and racking up a nice bar tab while everyone’s rooting for the local college basketball team. thankfully, there was no drama about this place and no “PBDBs” to be noticed, which is usually the reason i don’t choose to frequent PB if i had the choice. the servers and bartenders were on it, which was nice, as i’m sure they’re used to handling a large amount of people’s orders on a regular basis. the drinks weren’t even pricey at all!

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